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Private, duet or classes available!

Email or call to schedule your private session or class!




Private sessions are 55 minutes and are scheduled based on availability.  If you are new to Pilates we recommend starting with a private session to help introduce you to the method and equipment.

Classes are 45 minutes and offered weekly. You must email or call to sign up. Class size is limited.

There is a 24 hour cancelation policy for classes and private or duet sessions. 

Classes offered: 

Monday 5PM Foundations Mat Class

-Focus on basic Pilates principles and improving overall strength. 

Wednesday 7:30AM Recovery Mat Class

-Full body stretching and slow moving core strength to help push you through the week and reconnect to the basics!

Friday 7:30AM Pilates Mat by Anea

- Using breathwork and yoga influences Anea creates a full body centering Pilates class to end the week connected to your mind and body. 

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